Several thousand years ago, a time that has long been forgotten, an evil wizard had enslaved and destroyed most of the world. A few scars on the world still exist to this day but most are just seen as natural occurrences. A cult has been formed and are intent on bringing this wizard, Mondain, back to the world of the living, their only problem is they don’t know where to go to retrieve him. Some think he was banished to another plane, some think he was killed and has to be pulled from the seven hells he has been sent to.

If Mondain does return to this world, the only way to stop him once and for all would be to bring the seven legendary swords, Baalthaezian, Arenis Quixos, Nobilisi, Draconix, Seraphin, Rhoderin and Baneblade, back together and pair them to the descendants of the seven original heroes. Since no one knows who the descendants are, it’s going to be a real problem to find them.

Mondain's Legend